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SOKOL FALCO Ltd. is a distribution branch of the company PET BREEDER CARE plc. The company was founded in 1993, in Miřetice, Czech Republic under the business name MVDr. Jiři Sokol- Falco and was focused on retail trade with meat products for animals.


In 1994, the company started with the production of a piece-goods meat. That time we supplied the fair with wider range of minced and frozen products for dogs and cats


Our own factory has been situated in Vížky, near the town Chrudim, Czech Republic from 1996.


We produce more than 80 kinds of frozen meat products for animals. From 1998 we have begun to manufacture more than 100 kinds of canned food exclusively made from 100% meat for pets.


We extended the range of products of more than 30 dried and smoked products and tidbits from our own production.


These days, SOKOL FALCO Ltd. provided distribution of meat products within the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We supply wholesalers, retail traders, breeding stations, dog and cat shelters, armed forces, veterinary clinics and ultimates consumers.

We export to many states of the European Union.


We have our own chain of pet-shops in Hlinsko, Miřetice, Chrudim and Žďár nad Sázavou, ČR.


We offer the great assortment of frozen meat, canned food, sausages, dried tidbits, and many more there. Moreover we market the range of goods of dry pet-food, supplementary food (oat flakes, rice, pastas), food and breeders' equipment for exotic birds, aquarium fish, small rodents, rabbits and poultry.


In 2013 we launched our e-shop on the website www.falcokrmiva.com and www.konzervymax.com


The company SOKOL FALCO Ltd. suplies to its clients products of the highest quality and ensures the best servises for them.

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