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TIM with tripes 800g

(pack of 8pcs)


Product no.: 00.0390

- A mixture of minced offal and beef trimmings with high sodium and magnesium in a natural form. Offal contain large amounts of trace elements, vitamins A, B, E and iron.

- Contains beef, which has a high content of essential amino acids, iron and vitamin B2. It contains proteins that promote muscle growth. It promotes chewing muscles, is an excellent fit and fur.

- Tripe are a source of calcium, phosphorus and nutritional substances which favorably affect the joints, contain very little fat. It also contains valuable bacteria that enrich the dog's intestinal flora, leading to better digestion.


For small, medium and large breeds.

For animals aged:

- junior

- adult

- senior

- As for animals under stress

- Pregnant and lactating

- For animals with digestive problems and weight