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Poultry with beef - small sausage

pack of 12pcs


Product no.: 0.0200

- 1pcs cca  0,5kg

- A mixture of ground meat offal, beef trimmings, chicken hulls

- Poultry contains a high proportion of muscle with excellent nutritional and dietary values​​, high magnesium content in the natural form, which influences the functioning of muscles and nerves, and also contains calcium and sodium in its natural form, which has a beneficial effect on the strengthening of bones in joints.

- Beef muscle meat has a high content of essential amino acids, iron and vitamin B2. It contains proteins that promote muscle growth. It promotes chewing muscles, is an excellent fit and fur.

For small, medium and large breeds.

For animals aged:

- junior

- adult

- senior

- As for animals under stress

- Pregnant and lactating