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Vížky 5
538 21 Slatiňany
phone: +420 469 670 302
fax: +420 469 670 302
IČO: 26001748
DIČ: CZ26001748

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mention at the end of the show behind the headlines of our tinned Max lean meat (6:40)


For 23 years, we produce high quality products from 100% meat free of chemical additives or substitutes. We process only fresh ingredients, mostly in food quality. Our production is under state veterinary supervision.

Now we offer 57 kinds of frozen meats, 71 varieties of dried delicacies, 36 kinds of canned meat, all from our own production. Sell ​​and Feed and Pet supplies from other producers around the world. Our employees are the true specialists. Customer and product quality are with us in the first place.